Jewelry 3D visualization.

Jewelry 3D visualization is a great opportunity for manufacturers to show their products in the best possible way even before their production.

3D jewelry visualization is very popular among jewelry manufacturers, because 3D capabilities allow You to get a photorealistic image of a product, offer it to the client, and only then start its production. This saves a lot of money, and also makes it possible to expand the offered range and assess the reaction of buyers to a particular design.

Few people thought about how much 3D visualization is in modern advertising. After all, modern methods of obtaining 3D images make it possible to obtain such a photorealistic picture that most people would not even think that this is not a real photograph.

When creating jewelry 3D visualization, there are three main stages. The first step is to create a sketch of the product. At this stage, the design of the product, its final appearance, the concept of the entire line of products, if a collection is meant, are thought out. After approval of all the sketches, which are usually performed in the form of pencil sketches, specialists proceed to the second stage – creating a 3D model. When creating a 3D model of jewelry, not only the appearance, but also the size range of products is taken into account. At this stage, it may also be necessary to adjust the design. After the final approval of the 3D model (for this, specialists will make renders in a small resolution, to evaluate the finished product), the 3D model will go to the render department, where the rendering masters will create a high-quality photorealistic visualization of the jewelry.

Why You need Jewelry 3D visualization?

Jewelry 3D visualization gives truly endless possibilities for creativity, because jewelry craftsmen can show a photorealistic look of the finished product without spending materials and precious stones.